Thai Yoga Massage on Hayling Island

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A unique and powerful massage therapy combining acupressure, yoga and gentle stretches.


Traditional Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art and treats ailments such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain.  The treatment will have a lasting effect; improving flexibility and restores energy.


The massage will be both energising and relaxing, you will leave ‘floating on air’, I will adapt the massage to specifically meet your bodies needs. 

You will be fully clothed and the treatment will take place on the floor on a comfortable futon. I will be using my hands, elbows and feet to gain access to certain important energy points.


The treatment is generally 2 hours, however if you are short of time, I could condense the massage to 1 and half hours, or even a mini massage of 1 hour concentrating on areas of need.


  • 2 hours £75

  • 1 and half hours £65

  • 1 hour £50

Contact me for availability and to book your massage.

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It was superb, just what I needed. Felt really energetic after but equally relaxed. If I'm honest I think you have helped unblock my heart chakra which was a long time coming, so thank you so much for your help with that.



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I felt really well looked after from start to finish and felt that you were attentive and particularly careful with the areas where I was recovering from recent injuries.

I felt immediate relief in the left hip area (following that click) and this has continued.  I felt much more balanced following the massage than I have for the last month, following my spate of injuries.


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Spent this afternoon on the sofa reading and totally chilled, most contented and relaxed thanks to your magic hands. Lovely night's sleep, best for a while (although it's usually good after a yoga class too).